Lisa Hammert is a passionate collector of original photographic works of the 20th century. She is a former print and broadcast journalist.


Roman Pfeffer - Portrait of a Man with a Size of 181cm, 2009, wood, paint, rollmeter, 18x19cm

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"Look behind the scenes of the exhibition set-up: In keeping with the title ‘Mondrian. Color’ get our showrooms in the upper and ground floor again a new coat of paint . Just deciding on the wall color (s)." (Bucerius Kunst Forum

Hans Erni, Cinematheque Suisse, 1950

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Richard Smith


Bela Borsodi, Asphyxiation

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This pure genius! Patient video editor finds amateur music clips on YouTube, splices them into incredible song

Israeli musician and composer Kutiman scoured the internet for numerous homemade music clips on YouTube that by themselves weren’t especially interesting. Then he put them all together to create something extraordinary…



Zeppelin construction, I love this vintage picture.


Teknari Journal Page 0817 Animated

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Wendy WhitePix Vää (2012)


Antoine Donzeaud
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, 2014
Valentin, Paris


Previewing Ai Weiwei’s new Alcatraz exhibition, a meditation on repression. #aiweiwei #alcatraz

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